Attorney Kristina Larry

The Seattle Wedding Lawyer is no other than myself, Kristina Larry, Managing Attorney of Sassy Litigations, LLC which The Seattle Wedding Lawyer is a sub brand of. You can also call me the PreNup Princess , another sub brand. I take my knowledge of the law and mix it with my knowledge of event planning and help couples and wedding vendors have successful and stress free events.

Why have a Wedding Lawyer? There are so many details to a wedding that have legal implications. Having a wedding lawyer helps to alleviate issues that can arise. You can watch this interview for more on why you need a wedding lawyer.


One such issue is having vendor contracts. Having proper vendor contracts is extremely important and can save a lot of time, money, and heartache. Vendors draft their contracts for their benefit so it is important that The Wedding Lawyer review them before couples sign them.The average couple signs 20+ contracts in planning their wedding and they often do not read what they sign. Instead many couples rely on the wedding planner to go over their contracts. This can be a costly mistake for many couples. The contract reviewing should be left to a lawyer while the wedding planning is left to the planner.

Liability Issues

Weddings are not only about contracts. Did you know that weddings have liability issues? Have you seen one of the many videos of a dock collapsing into a lake with an entire wedding party? If not you can watch one here: Venues have liability issues that you need to be aware of before they become a problem.

Do you plan to have a wedding at your wedding home? What if some falls on that loose stair? Did you get that hole in the backyard filled in? Do you know about Social Hosting Laws? There are lots of liability issues that you may not even think about.

Now that marijuana is legal in Washington many couples want to include it in their weddings. Do you know the laws and liability issues surrounding that?

Wills and Prenups

There are only two ways out of marriage; death and divorce. Both require some planning.   New couples who are intertwining their estates need to get a will address those changes. A will is one of the most important documents that every person needs. Is there going to be a prenuptial agreement? These agreements are also important for couples to have.  (For more about prenups visit Not matter which document you need The Wedding Lawyer can draft it or review it.

Wedding Called Off

Sometimes unfortunate situations happen and a couple needs to call off the wedding. I can help mediate disputes between the couple; or help to mitigate damage between the couple and vendors. Do you know who gets to keep the engagement ring? I can help with that too.

Other Events

Have another big event? Birthday party, bachelorette party, baby shower, etc.? The wedding lawyer can help. All events have legal issues that get over looked.


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