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Wedding Called Off? Who Gets The Ring?

With wedding season in full swing there is always a few (or more than few) weddings that don’t actually end in the happily ever after. One of the big disagreements that tend to result is over the engagement ring. And with ring prices soaring and people spending an amount equal to a down payment on a house, it’s understandable.

So who gets the ring when a wedding is called off? Should it be returned? Is it a gift?

Here is Washington State (I add state since just yesterday when I mentioned living in Washington it was assumed I meant DC) the case law is pretty clear. The ring is a gift- in contemplation of marriage. Therefore if the marriage is called off the ring goes back to the person who gave it. Unless, the person who gave the ring unjustifiable breaks the engagement then the person receiving the ring could keep it.

Before you decide to keep your engagement ring after a called off wedding make sure you consult a wedding lawyer to make sure you aren’t getting yourself into trouble.


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