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Are Memes Ruining Marriage?

Of course this title isn’t too serious, I mean a meme is not going to be responsible for your marriage failing but they can plant idiotic ideas in your head. I see mems like the following on my timeline on Facebook all the time. They bug me. Why you ask? Because they make marriage sound superficial and spouses sound disposable.



Then if you read into the comments of these mems you see people celebrating each other for saying “yes” and sounding like a saint for saying they will not leave their disabled spouse. If you read my previous post you will see that I despise people who are celebrated for doing what they should be doing.

These types of questions are damaging to relationships. And I get that they are….well I don’t know what purpose they serve. Conversation starter? The conversation should be how these are horrible questions and that marriage and your spouse are not something to toss or disrespect because things get hard. There should be more mems like this:

This is what marriage should be about.


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