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Why We Shouldn’t Celebrate the Fact that Kim is by Kanye’s Side

Everywhere I turn someone is talking about how great Kim is being for being by Kanye’s side. It’s in articles, social media, even DJs are commenting on it. I’m confused. Isn’t that what a spouse is supposed to do? I mean I know when live in a time when people write their own vows but traditionally they used to say “in sickness and in health.”

It’s always surprising when I hear people boasting about the “nice” things their SOs have done for them. And I do understand there is such as a thing as being grateful and appreciative and making sure your spouse is celebrated. But shouldn’t most of these things, i.e. taking care of you when sick, saying you “I love you”, surprising you, watching the kids so you can have a night out, be things that are expected? I see so many marriages where none of that happens. Where when it does it’s a rare occurrence. Where people are posting pictures on Facebook because their SO did something sweet. But that is what marriage is. It’s taking care of each other, it’s letting each other know they are loved, special, appreciated, it’s doing something nice.

I don’t understand why people think that once the wedding is over so is all the romance, surprise, caring. It’s only beginning, not ending. Now don’t get me wrong, marriage is not all about romance. And there will be times when there is none at all. Marriage is something that must be actively worked at, it must be nurtured, cared for, a priority. I know, easier said than done.

When you celebrate something your spouse should do already you devalue yourself and your marriage. These are things that should be happening. They are the rule not the exception. And don’t give me any of that “no one should expect anything” crap. When you make that commitment you are entitled to expect your spouse to be by your hospital bed.


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