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Wedding Season Ends But Engagements Keep Coming



With summer slowly starting to die down that also means that wedding season is also coming to end. But don’t fret my pet. Just because wedding season is winding down that does not mean weddings themselves are stopping.

I can personally attest to this with the number of friends and colleagues that have become engaged. I’ve been to engagement parties, dinners, and witnessed countless Facebook engagement posts. With the engagement comes a barrage of wedding law related questions. They all boil down two topics actually; prenups and wedding contracts.

If you don’t already know my stance on prenups then you are not following my blog ( or following me on Twitter (@prenupprincess) go do both. I won’t go too deeply into the prenup issue except to say a prenup is a very personally issue for a couple. While I understand that most see them as a way “to make sure their spouse doesn’t get their stuff”, it really is much more than that. One recently engaged couple wanted to get a prenup because she has a lot of debt and she wanted to make sure he wouldn’t get stuck with it in case of divorce. Yes, you can use a prenup for that. See, not all bad.

As for the wedding vendor contracts. My advice is simple; read everything and don’t be afraid to negotiate. Nobody likes to read contracts, except maybe lawyers, I get it but this is crucial. You should know what you are signing before you actually sign it. This is where misunderstandings happen. Something you thought was in the contract is not or something you didn’t want in the contract is. This is where the second part comes in, negotiating. Most people don’t think they are skilled enough to do this or they didn’t even know they could. Well you are and you can. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you what or don’t want. Trust me the vendor isn’t.

So as summer comes to a close, be happy it means you have fewer weddings to go to in the coming months but a lot more engagements are on the way.


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